Quality Policy

  • To develop and grow continuously by means of using the developing technology and human force with optimal efficiency,

  • Providing high-quality products with competitive pricing, and to provide continuous growth and development,

  • To be solutions sharer of our customers and providers by means of using our technical infrastructure and knowledge.

  • Providing continuousity and taking all required precautions in produciton methods and raw material and plants as a policy of hygiene and quality.

Our Environmental Policy

  • To determine the environmental aspects of our activities and products.

  • To minimize the environmental impacts in accordance with the legislation in Turkey.

  • To make efforts for recycling and re-use in all the ways possible.

  • To eliminate pollution and reduce the treats of our industrial wastes to the environment.

  • To inform our suppliers of the environmental aspects of their production.

  • To improve our environmental management system in the light of these principles.


Evren Packaging Group will be the leader in customer satisfaction, quality, and product innovation.


Our mission is to be a dynamic, leading company of paperboard packages production market, still with our long-standing principle of our previous bussiness life; “Customer Satisfaction Comes The First” together with the disciplines of qulity, trust and presitige.